New Beginning

-2 years ago-

One day a girl decided to created a wordpress blog to post about funny things that happen in her everyday life, and so she posted few things in her blog

-1 year ago-

The girl forgot the existence of her wp blog, and so she was trying to revived the blog by accessing the blog once again… but unfortunately the girl’s brain is not very bright.. she forgot her wp password… and so she decided to give up and forgetting he account…


The girl suddenly has this urge to post about stuff in a blog, but her forgotten blog is now long gone. so she decided to create another new wordpress blog to post about stuff she like..

and now the girl is having a new beginning with her new wordpress account… please be kind to the girl since she easily confuse and has a weak spirit to keep a blog alive for a long time… but she will try her best to keep this blog alive since she has so many things in her head to share with…



with love,

a girl who is now almost a middle age woman…


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