Fancy a horror movie?

Anyone enjoy horror movie? i do. i’m a scaredy cat but i enjoy horror movie a lot. weird? yeah… that’s the mystery i need to solve myself…

anyway, if you like horror movie, i recommend you this japan horror tv show, tittle 本当にあったこわい話 (Hontou ni atta kowai hanashi) or “really scary story” and yes this show is scary…

this show is an annual show. so this show will air every year (every summer if i’m not mistaken) in japan with 2 hours duration and it contains several stories about ghost inspired by viewers letters sent to that tv station. so this is a show inspired by a real incident…

i watched this show mostly in youtube and i also downloaded several episodes in indowebster. i really recommend this show if you like asian horror story. some story are freaking scary and some are weird.. but mostly they can make you scared shitless at night.. (well for me it did) XD

anyway if you’re interested, just type 本当にあったこわい話 on youtube and you’ll find plenty of videos but sadly most of the videos are in japanese, as in no subtitle. but if you’re interested to download the show, i have several indowebster link and it also provide english subtitle. anyway here’s some of the links

2011 –

2012 –

2013 –

also this is one of the story in youtube..  you’ll find plenty of them but i embed one just in case someone interested

enjoy 😉


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