My 5 Favorite Books

I love books. I guess everyone already established that hehe… Anyway i read plenty of books. Some of them were super bad, some of them just meeh, some of them was ok, and some of them were great. But there’s only few that blew me away. These are my five favorite books that totally blew me away and still not get tired reading it over and over even after a long time..

1. Angels and Demons – Dan Brown


This is my number one favorite book. Until now, this my top 1 best book i ever read. No need the synopsis since i think most people already know about this book. This book really took all my attention and thanks to this book i spent days researching about Freemasons and Illuminati. This book totally give me a huge impact. And of course one of the reason is because Dan Brown is my favorite author.

2. Maze Runner – James Dashner


My recent addiction. I read this book last year and instantly in love with the story and all the characters. I read plenty of books about friendships and survivals, but this book totally took those themes to a whole new level. I’m in love with the action that Mr. Dashner presented in the book and totally in love with all the interactions between the characters. Just love everything about it!!

3. Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden


I almost never read a book about romance. The first time i know about this book, i know it’s going to be a love story but i decided to give it a try since it’s about Geisha, and universe knows that i’m slut for Japanese things. Normally i won’t give a very high score in romance book but this book is beyond awesome. The way Mr. Golden told the story made me feel that Sayuri is real and i really know her. And the fact that Mr. Golden told the story about Geisha in very detail and realistic way, made me in love with this book. This book introduced me a lot about Geisha world. That’s why this book probably the only love theme book that i ever read more than once.

4. The Giver – Lois Lowry

the giver

This book is unique. We were introduced into the world we never imagine before. I always imagine if we were living in this kind of society, there would be no war and people would live happily ever after. Well, boring but happy. But toward the end, we will know what’s the truth behind this peaceful life Jonas live in and the story will get even intense at the end. I like this book because it’s different and Lois Lowry teach us about the moral value on how we should appreciate our live. Oh and don’t watch the movie if you haven’t read the book, cause it’s different and it kinda ruin the originality of the book. Well in my opinion though.

5. Inferno – Dan Brown


Another Dan Brown book! yes yes i’m kinda bias but really i think this book is great! i love Dan Brown book because he always describe every country Mr. Langdon visited. This book made me want to visit Turkey hahaha… but beside that the story is so riveting until the end. I bet you will always want to keep reading and refusing the fact that you need to sleep to stay alive hahaha…


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