As a big and loyal fan to this group since 2007, this news is totally the worst news i want to hear ever. I still haven’t recover from Tanaka’s departure in 2013, and now i have to deal with this.. this totally broke my heart… He announced his decision of leaving the group in Best Artis tv show, and it was totally shocking for everyone in the studio. Except for the remaining members.. They look totally devastated.. Seriously, their members leaving one by one, it must be hard for them. For those who brave enough to watch the video, here’s the link.

Taguchi Junnosuke Leaving KAT-TUN

Taguchi said he want to go pursue another chapter in his life. I kinda guessing he wants to get married, cause we all heard about his girlfriend. The agency said KAT-TUN wont be disbanding and still continue the activities with three remaining members. From 6 to 5 to 4 and now 3 members.. This group been going through a lot…

But whatever his decision is, as a fan we have to accept it no matter how it make us devastated. Still this news totally broke my heart, and i keep saying “why now Junno, why now?! before the 10th anniversary! why?!!”

I keep joking they should change the group name to KUN since they only have three members, and even though it comes from me, the joke is very cruel. T___T

I know my fav member is Kame, but its not because of him that i still supporting KAT-TUN. To me, my ultimate fandom is KAT-TUN, no matter how i join to several fandoms, but KAT-TUN is the only fandom that mean so much for me. If i never found this group, i might never meet a lot of wonderful people in my life, and i wont encounter the best song ever. So even though KAT-TUN will only have one member remaining, i will still supporting them. No matter what. Keep strong guys.


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