Shadowhunters TV Series

Anyone watching shadowhunters tv show? I guess for anyone who read Mortal Instruments book, this series will make you happy. In my opinion, the tv version much better than the movie version. Although i have several doubts at the beginning when they announce the casts… Anyway here’s my rants about the show..

I watched Mortal Instrument movie several months ago when i stumbled it on cable tv, and after that i started read the book. So you can say that my imagination about all the characters in the book are inspired by the movie, since i watched the movie first before reading the book. That’s why all the casts in the movie had a deep impact on me. When i knew that they will also make the tv version about the book with different casts, i’m really curious whether they will live up to my expectation.

My first impression about the tv casts not so good. All of them are unlike what the book has describe, except for Simon and Izzy. This is my first opinion based on their pictures only. Tv Clary look too whiny, which is not suitable cause Clary is quite a rebellion type in the book. Jace is not that handsome (in my opinion), since Jace we know is so confident with his look so i was a bit despondent. Alec is so tall and has green eyes. The most prominent characteristic Alec has in the book is his blue eyes, so i disappointed a lot with this. Magnus is shorter than Alec and a ‘muscle man’ type which is weird cause book Magnus has tall and slender figure. And also tv Luke is a black man. I’m not being racist but i keep thinking that Luke is a white man. So yeah i was quite disappointed.

But after i watched episode 4 of the show, my doubt about all the characters are vanish. They are doing so good portraying the characters. And omg i think tv Magnus is soooooo much better than movie Magnus. I’m totally ignore the tall and slender Magnus and just love Harry Shum Jr for being a very great Magnus. Also our Simon here is so adorable.. the funny, sweet and awkward Simon in the tv show is so captivating. Simon is not my fav character, but Alberto acted so great and i love him so much. I’m not disappointed at all.

Season 1 ended and we will wait patiently for season 2 to come. 2017 is like forever away 😦