My 5 Favorite Books

I love books. I guess everyone already established that hehe… Anyway i read plenty of books. Some of them were super bad, some of them just meeh, some of them was ok, and some of them were great. But there’s only few that blew me away. These are my five favorite books that totally blew me away and still not get tired reading it over and over even after a long time..

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Books About Brothers Relationship

I really enjoy reading books about brothers relationship. Don’t ask me why cause i don’t know myself, but all i know i always love story where brothers are involved. It was pretty hard to find someone make a list about books with this kinda of theme, so i made one just in case someone who has the same interest in me need a recommendation. I am suck at explaining so i added description from Goodreads. This is only 5 books, will make another list in different post.

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