Ideal Husband?

This is totally random post… bear with me XD

Have you guys ever think about your ideal husband? I mean you might have several crushes toward guys or celebrities, but you have this one particular person that you adore and wishing that your significant other would be someone like him, or at least own some of the guy’s traits because you adore him so much? lol that was long… but yeah i have one XD

It’s this Japanese singer/actor/idol, Okada Junichi. I ADORE this guy so much that hoping one day my future husband would be someone who has the same traits as him.. or at least have a little resemblance…

Reason? I don’t know how to express it, but i see him as respectable and wonderful guy. He is an actor and a singer, but he also a teacher of martial art. Not to mention his gorgeous look, his witty remarks, cute laugh and mature personality. My favorite trait of him is his eyes… as if his eyes so deep and lovable so that when he stare at you, he can see your deep soul and devour it so he own your soul.. ok that’s exaggerating but the point is, his eyes super gorgeous..

Anyway, the point is, i think someone would have this eternal crush once in their life before finding their significant other. It’s not something embarrassing or weird, because at some point of your life, you would longing for someone perfect so you tend to find it on tv or maybe someone in a real life but he’s really out of your league so you can only longing for him… but trust me, something like this is the one who make you feel alive even when you’re alone and lonely lol

To those who don’t know Okada Junichi, here some perfection hehe..