KAT-TUN – in the DARK (Live in Shounen Club Premium )

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve been waiting for 2 years to see this song being performed live.. finally it happened ;_______;

Kame messed up during his part but heck, i love this performance so i just ignore it. I cut the song from their medley performance.


KAT-TUN – In The Dark (Lyric and Translation)

Everyone must be have this one song that goes for every mood.. or one song that you love so much that it’s stay as your fav song for years.. or maybe decades.. for me, it’s this song, KAT-TUN – In The Dark

In the Dark is a coupling song in Fumetsu no Scrum (不滅のスクラム) cd single in 2012. Since the first time i listened to this song, i’ve been so obsessing with this song.. until now. The lyric is quite sad, but the melody makes you want to play this song on repeat.. all night long! haha well it is in my case..

I post the song and lyric here, so here you go.

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Book Review – The Maze Runner


Lagi terobsesi sama Maze Runner… awal2, waktu baca reviewnya di internet, katanya ini ‘the next hunger games’ langsung mikir mmm bakalan ada love storynya juga nih, langsung males… tapi pas ke toko buku, liat buku ini (sama dua buku terusannya) dipajang di depan di bagian ‘best seller novel’, pikir2 mungkin boleh juga nih buku.. akhirnya beli n ternyata this book is AWESOME!! so far aku kalo  baca buku sampe begadang2 itu kalo baca buku2nya Dan Brown n ternyata buku ini bisa bikin aku begadang karena penasaran… buat yang suka fiksi dan survival story, i totally recommend this book!!

Aku cerita dikit aja deh ya reviewnya.. review mode on!

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Fancy a horror movie?

Anyone enjoy horror movie? i do. i’m a scaredy cat but i enjoy horror movie a lot. weird? yeah… that’s the mystery i need to solve myself…

anyway, if you like horror movie, i recommend you this japan horror tv show, tittle 本当にあったこわい話 (Hontou ni atta kowai hanashi) or “really scary story” and yes this show is scary…

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New Beginning

-2 years ago-

One day a girl decided to created a wordpress blog to post about funny things that happen in her everyday life, and so she posted few things in her blog

-1 year ago-

The girl forgot the existence of her wp blog, and so she was trying to revived the blog by accessing the blog once again… but unfortunately the girl’s brain is not very bright.. she forgot her wp password… and so she decided to give up and forgetting he account…


The girl suddenly has this urge to post about stuff in a blog, but her forgotten blog is now long gone. so she decided to create another new wordpress blog to post about stuff she like..

and now the girl is having a new beginning with her new wordpress account… please be kind to the girl since she easily confuse and has a weak spirit to keep a blog alive for a long time… but she will try her best to keep this blog alive since she has so many things in her head to share with…



with love,

a girl who is now almost a middle age woman…