Shadowhunters TV Series

Anyone watching shadowhunters tv show? I guess for anyone who read Mortal Instruments book, this series will make you happy. In my opinion, the tv version much better than the movie version. Although i have several doubts at the beginning when they announce the casts… Anyway here’s my rants about the show..

I watched Mortal Instrument movie several months ago when i stumbled it on cable tv, and after that i started read the book. So you can say that my imagination about all the characters in the book are inspired by the movie, since i watched the movie first before reading the book. That’s why all the casts in the movie had a deep impact on me. When i knew that they will also make the tv version about the book with different casts, i’m really curious whether they will live up to my expectation.

My first impression about the tv casts not so good. All of them are unlike what the book has describe, except for Simon and Izzy. This is my first opinion based on their pictures only. Tv Clary look too whiny, which is not suitable cause Clary is quite a rebellion type in the book. Jace is not that handsome (in my opinion), since Jace we know is so confident with his look so i was a bit despondent. Alec is so tall and has green eyes. The most prominent characteristic Alec has in the book is his blue eyes, so i disappointed a lot with this. Magnus is shorter than Alec and a ‘muscle man’ type which is weird cause book Magnus has tall and slender figure. And also tv Luke is a black man. I’m not being racist but i keep thinking that Luke is a white man. So yeah i was quite disappointed.

But after i watched episode 4 of the show, my doubt about all the characters are vanish. They are doing so good portraying the characters. And omg i think tv Magnus is soooooo much better than movie Magnus. I’m totally ignore the tall and slender Magnus and just love Harry Shum Jr for being a very great Magnus. Also our Simon here is so adorable.. the funny, sweet and awkward Simon in the tv show is so captivating. Simon is not my fav character, but Alberto acted so great and i love him so much. I’m not disappointed at all.

Season 1 ended and we will wait patiently for season 2 to come. 2017 is like forever away 😦



The Mortal Instruments Book

My recent book addiction!!! Senengnya ada buku buat dijadiin obsesi haha… ini termasuk salah satu buku yang kalau udah selesei baca, pengen terus dilanjut.. finally something to obsessed about XD

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As a big and loyal fan to this group since 2007, this news is totally the worst news i want to hear ever. I still haven’t recover from Tanaka’s departure in 2013, and now i have to deal with this.. this totally broke my heart… He announced his decision of leaving the group in Best Artis tv show, and it was totally shocking for everyone in the studio. Except for the remaining members.. They look totally devastated.. Seriously, their members leaving one by one, it must be hard for them. For those who brave enough to watch the video, here’s the link.

Taguchi Junnosuke Leaving KAT-TUN

Taguchi said he want to go pursue another chapter in his life. I kinda guessing he wants to get married, cause we all heard about his girlfriend. The agency said KAT-TUN wont be disbanding and still continue the activities with three remaining members. From 6 to 5 to 4 and now 3 members.. This group been going through a lot…

But whatever his decision is, as a fan we have to accept it no matter how it make us devastated. Still this news totally broke my heart, and i keep saying “why now Junno, why now?! before the 10th anniversary! why?!!”

I keep joking they should change the group name to KUN since they only have three members, and even though it comes from me, the joke is very cruel. T___T

I know my fav member is Kame, but its not because of him that i still supporting KAT-TUN. To me, my ultimate fandom is KAT-TUN, no matter how i join to several fandoms, but KAT-TUN is the only fandom that mean so much for me. If i never found this group, i might never meet a lot of wonderful people in my life, and i wont encounter the best song ever. So even though KAT-TUN will only have one member remaining, i will still supporting them. No matter what. Keep strong guys.

How To Get Away With Murder

My recent tv series addiction!

I’m not fond of murder series like CSI or Criminal Minds but this series has a different kind of murder plot. It’s about five students law who work under the charismatic and a bit evil law professor who willing to do any kind of thing to win the case, even illegal one…  The series contain varies of law case and also has a major plot about who kill Lyla Stangard, a student that somehow has any connection with the professor’s husband and all five students..

I like the plot twist.. it make you curious what the hell happen with Lyla Stangard and other murders that happen to involve all students… just watch it, it’s worth to watch… currently its in season 2.. another murder plot twist!!

Tumor Pankreas

Hanya ingin share pengalaman yang saya alami pada ayah saya.. maybe i can enlightening someone with this post, cause you know.. sharing is caring..
Ayahku mengidap tumor pankreas yang diketahui sudah sampai stadium 4. Awalnya gejalanya ga diketahui sampai stadium tinggi, jd hanya ingin sharing gejala apa yang mungkin bisa diwaspadai sehingga terhindar dari oenyakit ini.
Ayahku punya diabetes, tapi kami sekeluarga minim pengetahuan akan penyakit ini, jd kami hanya mengurangi kadar gula di makanan yang dikonsumsi ayah saya tanpa menghitung pasti kandungan yg dikonsumsi setiap harinya. Setelah sekian lama mengidap, pada suatu waktu ayah saya selalu merasa sakit perut seperti maag. Diagnosa awal dokter di salah satu rumah sakit swasta di bandung, beliau terus diberi obat maag sampai beberapa kali pengobatan tp tidak sembuh juga. Setelah beberapa lama, kondisi berat badan ayah saya mendadak turun drastis, akhirnya kami pindah ke rumah sakit lainnya untuk mencari second opinion. Disana ayah saya diminta untuk ct scan. Hasil ct scan mengatakan ada benjolan di dekat pankreas. Untuk lebih memastikan, diminta lagi uji penanda tumor. Disitu diketahui ayah saya positif mengidap tumor pankreas.
Pengobatan dilakukan dengan kemoterapi yang sampai sekarang masih berjalan. Saat ini, tumor pankreas ayah saya sudah hilang, tapi tumor menjalar menuju hati sehingga kemoterapi masih terus dilakukan.
Kesimpulannya, bagi yang merasa punya keturunan gula dan sering mengeluh sakit maag, cepatlah ke dokter. Kalau tidak sembuh juga, carilah dokter lain untuk second opinion. Jangan terlalu stuck dengan satu dokter kalau kondisi tidak juga membaik. Atau kalau mau cerewet, minta rujukan untuk usg atau ct scan dr dokter biar lebih cepat diketahui penyebab penyakit. Mungkin kalau ayah saya melakukan ct scan lebih awal dan penyakitnya ditemukan pada stadium awal, pengobatannya akan lebih cepat selesai dan efektif. Keep healthy everyone!

Ideal Husband?

This is totally random post… bear with me XD

Have you guys ever think about your ideal husband? I mean you might have several crushes toward guys or celebrities, but you have this one particular person that you adore and wishing that your significant other would be someone like him, or at least own some of the guy’s traits because you adore him so much? lol that was long… but yeah i have one XD

It’s this Japanese singer/actor/idol, Okada Junichi. I ADORE this guy so much that hoping one day my future husband would be someone who has the same traits as him.. or at least have a little resemblance…

Reason? I don’t know how to express it, but i see him as respectable and wonderful guy. He is an actor and a singer, but he also a teacher of martial art. Not to mention his gorgeous look, his witty remarks, cute laugh and mature personality. My favorite trait of him is his eyes… as if his eyes so deep and lovable so that when he stare at you, he can see your deep soul and devour it so he own your soul.. ok that’s exaggerating but the point is, his eyes super gorgeous..

Anyway, the point is, i think someone would have this eternal crush once in their life before finding their significant other. It’s not something embarrassing or weird, because at some point of your life, you would longing for someone perfect so you tend to find it on tv or maybe someone in a real life but he’s really out of your league so you can only longing for him… but trust me, something like this is the one who make you feel alive even when you’re alone and lonely lol

To those who don’t know Okada Junichi, here some perfection hehe..

My 5 Favorite Books

I love books. I guess everyone already established that hehe… Anyway i read plenty of books. Some of them were super bad, some of them just meeh, some of them was ok, and some of them were great. But there’s only few that blew me away. These are my five favorite books that totally blew me away and still not get tired reading it over and over even after a long time..

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Books About Brothers Relationship

I really enjoy reading books about brothers relationship. Don’t ask me why cause i don’t know myself, but all i know i always love story where brothers are involved. It was pretty hard to find someone make a list about books with this kinda of theme, so i made one just in case someone who has the same interest in me need a recommendation. I am suck at explaining so i added description from Goodreads. This is only 5 books, will make another list in different post.

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